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Physical Therapy Middlesex County: 3 Benefits That Go Beyond Injury Treatment


Physical Therapy Middlesex County: 3 Benefits That Go Beyond Injury Treatment

Most people assume that physical therapy only treats those dealing with injuries. At Twin Boro Physical Therapy Middlesex County, we treat patients who may have sports or auto injuries, but that’s not all. Our physical therapists help individuals in many other ways, including individualized physical therapy treatment, injury prevention and emotional support.

Individualized Physical Therapy Treatment

Whether you’re an athlete or a busy retiree, human bodies are prone to injuries, aches and pains. We place demands on our musculoskeletal system every day. The daily wear and tear on our bones, joints and muscles adds up. That’s why working with a physical therapist in New Jersey can be beneficial.

A physical therapist at one of our Middlesex County locations will begin by evaluating your unique case to determine the root cause of the problem. Using this information, they will create an individualized treatment plan, considering factors like pain levels, muscular strength, range of motion, mobility, body mechanics and more. This plan will be modified based on how your body responds to ensure you have the most effective recovery.

Injury Prevention

In addition to pain management, much of the physical therapy session is spent helping individuals become proactive by performing guided exercises including stretches that enhance strength and mobility. Attending a Middlesex County physical therapy treatment session will help you learn exercises to do on your own at home to help you to rehabilitate current and prevent future injuries.

Emotional Support

What you’ll find at Twin Boro Physical Therapy Middlesex County is so much more than hands-on physical treatment and injury prevention. Physical therapy can help to improve your emotional well-being and mood. In fact, some studies show that the mental attitude of physical therapy patients is over 80% more positive than their non-PT counterparts.

Our Middlesex County physical therapists are motivators. The enthusiasm they bring to every session elicits the best in their patients. We want our New Jersey patients to feel their best. It isn’t just about being pain-free, it’s also about how our patients feel on the inside.

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