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Twin Boro Physical Therapy Opens New Location in West Orange, NJ


How Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s West Orange Location is Revolutionizing Physical Therapy in Essex County

In June of 2021, Nicole Stodolak opened the doors to Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s West Orange, NJ location and became part of a new strategic initiative launched by Twin Boro Physical Therapy to bring quality, industry-leading physical therapy to Essex County.

With a state-of-the-art facility and a dedicated team of physical therapists, the West Orange location provides a wide range of outpatient physical therapy treatments, including sports medicine, hand therapy, prehab, and post-operative rehabilitation. Twin Boro Physical Therapy CEO Andrew Lotsis said the opening of the West Orange location is the first step in Twin Boro’s mission to build out a stronger presence in the Essex County area.

“We’re very committed to building out a strong presence in the county to ensure that people across Essex County have access to the excellent physical therapy and outpatient care that Twin Boro provides,” Lotsis added. “The West Orange location is a strategic placement for us, and we’re very excited to use it as a jumping-off point for more expansion.”

Directing Proven Results

When Stodolak was first exposed to physical therapy, it wasn’t as a student, but as a patient. When she was diagnosed with scoliosis as a young person, and when her cousin also went to physical therapy to recover after surgery, she realized how much the profession aided in helping people find their mobility and agency again after a physical trauma.

Since 2012, Stodolak has served as a clinical director and excels at accommodating patients with clinical examinations that diagnose, plan and facilitate treatment programs using advanced manual therapy techniques. Her consistent emphasis on excellence is part of what made Twin Boro Physical Therapy strongly consider her when looking toward a West Orange physical therapy office.

“Twin Boro Physical Therapy focuses on excellence in patient care, and on using the latest tools available to clinicians to make sure patients have the best experiences possible,” said Lotsis. “[Stodolak] certainly fit that bill, and when she joined us in 2021, it was immediately a natural fit.”

Whether she’s treating patients or managing other physical therapists, Stodolak prioritizes the implementation of Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s trademarked One2Four Care Model, which revolves around determining the right level of care for each individual. Her priority is to ensure patients understand their injury, diagnosis and treatment plan to facilitate an active role in their own recovery.

“One2Four is based on the fact that all people fall somewhere along a health continuum,” said Lotsis. “Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s clinicians go over the diagnostic criteria with each patient and determine where they fall and where they would like to be. It’s about bringing the patient along on the care journey and helping them have a say in their own health. We don’t tell patients what to do. We partner with and support them in their own healthcare journey.”

And now Essex County and West Orange residents will have access to Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s top-notch care and expertise, the first office of many to come in the region, Lotsis added.

“We are very excited to continue partnering with other physical therapists in Essex County to help them care for their patients and support their patients as they heal,” said Lotsis.