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Pro Staff & Twin Boro Leverage Their Strategic Relationship with ActivePro


How This Physical Therapy Partnership Serves Up Strategic Advantages to NJ Communities

When Pro Staff Physical Therapy finalized their partnership with Twin Boro Physical Therapy at the beginning of the 2021, both entities had a single goal in mind: to expand an already-growing network of quality physical therapy providers to the people of New Jersey.

Pro Staff, a leading physical therapy operator with nine clinics offering physical therapy, occupational therapy, and diverse rehabilitative services, brings over ten years of quality patient care to northern New Jersey. It was the expertise Twin Boro Physical Therapy – a manually-based private physical therapy practice that has been steadily growing since 1980 – had to offer that inspired the partnership, said Pro Staff CEO Michael Maffucci.

“This partnership has allowed Pro Staff to access a tremendous amount of administrative and clinical support,” said Maffucci. “In turn, access to this support allows me and my team to grow and optimize our operations. With our new partnership, I am confident we can accelerate our expansion and maintain our strong commitment to quality patient care.”

Keeping Growth Going

But the partnership growth didn’t stop there. In furtherance of its mission to be the first-choice provider of physical therapy and rehabilitation services in New Jersey and the surrounding regions, Twin Boro Physical Therapy, Pro Staff and other partners banded together to form ActivePro Rehab Partners. This managed services organization provides operational, administrative and strategic support to its network of nearly 40 physical therapy facilities so that clinicians and providers can continue to pursue growth while providing quality patient care.

“We have attracted best-in-class clinicians and staff in New Jersey and are currently pursuing partnerships in our neighboring states: Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware,” said ActivePro and Twin Boro Physical Therapy CEO Andrew Lotsis. “The formation of ActivePro created one of the largest physical and occupational therapy practices in the country, and through doing so, we’ve been able to support not only care providers, but the patients they serve every day.”

ActivePro Rehab Partners currently partners with physical and occupational therapy providers across New Jersey, ensuring that patients all over the state have a network of trusted clinicians to turn to when they need it most.

“Physical therapy can be really disruptive to a patient’s life,” said Lotsis. “There’s no reason why finding a trusted provider should be even more stressful. ActivePro Rehab Partners clinicians are the best at what they do, and by expanding out into the entire state, this just widens patient access to the quality care they deserve.”

The Biggest Advantage

Although it sounds like an oxymoron, expanding a thriving business can be challenging. When your business is booming, so much time, energy and attention must be placed on the day-to-day operations that even considering opening a new location or expanding staff can be too much to handle.

That’s why, Maffucci said, the partnership between Pro Staff and Twin Boro Physical Therapy was so meaningful. With a wider network of quality physical therapy providers for Pro Staff patients to choose from, Maffucci and his team could begin to focus on expansion. And with the advent of ActivePro Rehab Partners? It was even easier to focus on growth.

“[ActivePro Rehab Partners] is all about supporting acceleration in a sustainable way,” said Lotsis. “If a physical therapy practice is growing quickly, capitalizing on that growth and leveraging that success is crucial. We help clinic owners do that while still maintaining their standards of care and their patient base.”

Ultimately, the goal of these partnerships is about the patients. Both Lotsis and Maffucci agree that is the founding principle of the partnership Pro Staff and Twin Boro Physical Therapy have formed – and of what ActivePro Rehab Partners has become.

“Putting together these partnerships is a huge decision,” said Lotsis. “At the end of the day, it’s all about providing a fresh start, one that gives clinic owners the tools they need to get back to the basics and focus on patient care. It’s what they do best.”