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We Succeed By Delivering Strong Results

ActivePro Rehab Partners is committed to providing Clinician’s a platform for turn-key success and rehabilitative excellence on behalf of patients, employees, and providers. Exclusively focused on formalizing & delivering best-practice operations, strategy, growth, & development within the physical therapy market.


  • We lead by example: our focus, first and foremost, is on delivering excellent patient care
  • Competitive compensation to attract & retain talent
  • On-going professional growth development / growth programs


  • In-network with all major payors
  • Proprietary One2Four program for consistent delivery of effective care
  • Patient satisfaction scores exceed [%]

Provider Partners

  • Attractive transaction and post-close upside structures
  • Gain the stability and infrastructure of a larger platform while retaining keyareas of autonomy
  • Culture of transparency and partnership

Comprehensive marketing program helps APRP’s strengths shine through to patients and specialty providers partners. Our dedicated business development team focuses on building partnership with key market stakeholders.

Software & analytics solutions facilitate real-time monitoring of patient outcomes & identification of performance improvement opportunities. In-house RCM team with best-in-class claims processing cycles, results and performance reporting.

In-Network with all major insurance carriers.

In-house human resources team dedicated to compliance, recruitment & human capital development.

Fully developed finance team led by our CFO supports timely and transparent reporting, tight financial controls, and robust cost management.

Dedicated IT & call center support teams to ensure no patient gets left behind and each therapy system operates seamlessly.

Systematized practice integration program leading for rapid integration and scalable, reliable execution results.

Deep pool of available capital to deploy for growth & investment.

One2Four TM is our systematized, holistic program and treatment platform for managing patients to successful outcomes.

One2Four TM is based upon the fact that all people fall somewhere along a health continuum from total disability to ultimate physical performance/function.  In between these extremes of the health continuum are four levels of physical performance where all people are found.  These levels go from a level One, of being dependent on others, to a level Four, in which are people who are striving for excellence in physical performance.   Each of the people in the initial examples was at one functional level and ultimately able to move to another, higher level of function.

One2Four TM ensures our dedicated to providing outstanding clinical care, first.

Our business solutions infrastructure is designed to ensure that the “The Patient” is the primary focus and support mechanisms are in place for our Patient Centric patient care model.

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Our Partners come from varying backgrounds and all sought out ActivePro because it provided them the ability to be a part of something bigger while focusing ultimately on the care of their patients. Are you ready to get started?

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